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You set goals and challenge yourself to become the strongest you can. I don’t feel like it’s happened yet. So it keeps me going to see how strong I can get.

Hey guys, this is 1st Phorm athlete, Nick Weite, nationally ranked USA powerlifting competitor, three time national champion, IPF world competitor, and numerous Arnold classic competitor. 

I played collegiate football. When I graduated, I needed an outlet to keep being competitive, and I always loved lifting. My uncle was big time powerlifter so it just kind of came naturally to evolve from one sport to the next. 

You got to stay consistent. You got to put in the work. You got to show up everyday. You know… I’m a big believer in setting goals and working towards those goals. You know that’s going to get you in the gym because you know you have hit something. It doesn’t happen over night, especially strength – many years and many workouts is what it takes to get stronger, and you just got to put in the work.

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