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Hey Guys!

Thought I’d give a quick meet recap of IPL/USPA Worlds which happened a week and a half ago. Now if you follow me on Instagram you know this wasn’t my best meet to date.. actually it was my worst meet to date. So what happened?

Water Cut.. (or lack of)

I started out my water cut slightly below where I began for my last meet in May and I followed my nutrition plan to a T the week of so I was feeling pretty good going into weight ins. During the week things went swimmingly with weight slowly coming off. I weighed myself Tuesday night and I was at 54.2kg. Higher than I would like but not impossible with weight coming off over night. Woke up early Wednesday morning to see where I was at and scale read 53.8 or something.    WHAT.    At this point I was fully expecting to be pretty darn close to 52kg. This means I lost pretty much nothing with my water cut. I was half convinced my scale was just broken from the travel. I did 4 rounds of light sauna and some spitting to cut the weight down some. BUT like I said I wasn’t convinced that was my weight so I didn’t do it too aggressively. When I reweighed myself I was 52.8kg.

I got down to weigh ins a little bit before they were going to start and tried to stay as cool as possible as I got rack heights and did equipment check. Now to be honest, I am always nervous to weight in. Even the times I have weighed in 3lbs under I’ve been a nervous Nelly until I’m completely weighed in. At bigger meets there is always a waiting period to weigh-in so I ended up weighing around 9:30am.

And it read 52.7kg.

SERIOUSLY. My dam scale was right.

At this point the decision is do I try and make weight or just call it and miss my class. I decided to attempt to make weight with the help of this really nice girl I had just met. She lent me her bathroom and sauna suit for me to try and sweat the rest off. I did that until 10:30 and reweighed..


Sweating out the weight

At this point I decided to call it. Most likely I was not going to get the weight off before the end of morning weigh ins. Now I could have continued and weighed in at 5pm but then I would have been sacrificing performance. So I decided to weigh in at the 52.3 and compete in the 56kg class. At least now I could have donuts!

Meet Day

Meet day started like any other. I am always a little jittery before the first squat but then everything settles in.

I went out for my first squat and it felt good. So smooth with a lot left in the tank.

Other than I go TWO red lights. Crap.

Missed attempt – depth

I was called for depth. And this was a first. I have never been called for depth in a meet. Michael came over to help put in my next attempt and said he felt like depth was there but since I was called for it, it must have been barely short. Since it felt so easy, I decided to go up to my next attempt and not retake opening weight. This can be dangerous as if you miss this jump in weight, it’ll come down to your last attempt or you bomb out.

AND I missed again. For Depth. This shook me. I didn’t feel like I could force myself any lower without missing the weight. There were some tears but Michael rallied me on and I took 248# for a second time with all the money (not really) on the line. Before I even stood stepped out from under the weight there was tears. I got the lift up but was it to depth? AND thank the lord it was! 3 white lights!

Final attempt – good!

I’ll talk later on if I will change my squat form or not due to this.

So on to bench! Bench has forever been a hate hate relationship when it comes to powerlifting. I got my opener at 127# and then just could not get 132# on two attempts. Ugh.

And if you are keeping track, yes I am currently 2/6. Cwap

And then it came down to deadlifts. My one true love. However prior to the meet there had been more than a couple off days with tears. But I was determined to finish strong!

My opener at 303# flew up. Then 325# moved a little bit slower but was still solidly there. So the decision came down to did I take a safe jump since 325# was a little slow or just throw all sense out the winder.


I wasn’t going to PR this meet by any means. I was competing up a weight class so probably wasn’t getting a medal either. What the heck. I was going for it. I had them load 353# on the bar. AND it never moved. Haha. Oh well – it was worth the shot!

I ended 4/9, 700# total and a 394 wilks.

So went wrong?

I knew going into this meet I had a lot going against me. Michael and I moved to Denver in July and then spent ~4 months looking for a house while living with my mom. This meant working out at a commercial gym that was convenient but didn’t have the best equipment. Additionally, I’ve been dealing with some health issues as of late that have affected both my training and my weight which contributed to me missing weight and my strength (I’ll go into these at another time).


I was determined to still have a great meet despite this. And it just wasn’t my meet. Though I can’t complain – I still totaled over 700 and had almost a 400 wilks. Things that were out of reach just over a year ago. And with powerlifting, you can have the greatest training cycle and an off meet OR the worst training cycle and the best meet. It’s a strength sport with many variables which means you may not always get what you want on meet day. But I look forward to my next and bringing my all once again!

Rachel, @brains.and.brawn

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  • Jennifer Teal says:

    Aww Rachie, hang in there! Remember wayyy back when you wanted to use my weights but didn’t want to get big? This was just a cwappy meet and once you settle into your house everything will go back to normal. Love you and miss you xoxoxo

    • says:

      Thanks Aunt Jeni!! That’s what I’m telling myself and will get back into the groove of things soon. I love you and miss you all!