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To finish out our powerlifting meet series, I wanted to leave you with Michael’s and I meet day essentials. Whether it’s your first meet or your a pro, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what you want to have for the big day.

Recovery Drink

Michael and I prefer to use a mixture of pedialyte and water for our recovery drink. This helps keep us hydrated throughout the dat. If we’ve done a particularly aggressive cut we may always add glycerol to our drink. Why? It helps to super hydrate your muscles, which is important after dehydrating yourself.


If you are someone who takes pre workout prior to training sessions, you are gonna want to have some with you on meet day. Since meets tend to be whole day affairs, most likely you’ll need a couple of servings. Michael and I usually end up taking some before every lift.

All lifting equipment

Singlet! You would not believe as a ref how many people I have show up without a singlet. Other potential necessary items are: Belt, squat shoes, deadlift shoes, deadlift socks, knee sleeves. If you are an equipped lifter, all suits. Also gentleman, please wear appropriate underwear. Yes it will be checked. I have had to tell many guys to cut the legs off their underwear to make it legal.

You will also need your membership for the federation you are competing in.


Nose tork, baby powder, chalk

Attempt Picks

Prior to meet day, you’ll have picked out your 1st attempts on each lift. Right these down and have them in kg. This will help make your check in smoother and prevent any possibilities of writing down the wrong number.


Michael and I fail at this our first few meets. As obvious as it seems, it was the one thing we forgot in the hustle of getting prepped. It’s a long day, you need food for the day. Generally, we look for something relatively healthy that’s high carb and protein. We go for sandwiches, protein bars, rice cakes, etc.


Or whatever you favorite treat is. It is important to have real meals with you but this is a day you’ve worked hard to get to and may have cut some weight to get here so treat yo self.

Good luck on all your upcoming meets and hope this series has helped make your prep a little easier! Please reach out to Michael or I with any questions you may have!

Rachel, @brains.and.brawn

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