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Shirts are lightweight and feature sweat-wicking fabric to help keep you dry during workouts. Sizing just right.

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What does it mean to “Be Better?”

This statement is the driving philosophy behind Output’s coaching methodologies and decision-making processes. To be better is to avoid stagnation. Always challenge yourself and your circle (i.e. of close friends, partners, etc.)  to not set limitations (e.g. physical, mental, career, relationship, etc.). Set high standards that make you an influencer, a leader. Being better is breaking personal records. It’s staying up late at night to crush out projects. It’s meal-prepping on Sundays. It’s putting in the work on the weekends when those who do the bare minimum are finding excuses to validate shutting down for two days.

This t-shirt printed on Nike Dri-fit keeps you and others accountable — serving as a reminder to crush complacency.

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