At the time of this writing, Covid-19 (coronavirus) continues to aggressively expand its national (and global) reach. The realized and potential impact of this disease as well as its resulting healthcare and general economic disruptions are and will continue to challenge not only the lives of humans but also businesses.

And here we are with no choice — as a collective — to fight through this challenge by supporting each other (family, friends, neighbors, and businesses) by making responsible decisions that will “flatten the curve” and expedite health and economic recovery.

Per this mindset and in response to the health commissioner’s mandatory order (source: click here) for non-essential businesses to shutdown (in St. Louis City and County), Output Performance will lock its doors to open gym and personal training services, effective no later than Monday, March 23rd, by 5:30 PM.

As with most businesses in our area, our team (owners, contractors, community members, and neighbors) united and worked very hard to sustain for as long as possible (until mandatory action was necessary). To all, we appreciate and sincerely thank you for your efforts to keep Output going and operating safely. For now, we all pause our normal routines, get creative, and support each other.


  1. All on-site personal training, open-gym, and facility access will be unavailable, effective no later than 5:30 PM on Monday, March 23rd. Coordinate with your trainer regarding programming and check-ins (see below) or contact us at
  2. Physical Therapy (PT) services will continue per usual (since these services are considered essential activities) through our partner, Optimal Movement Rehab and Performance. Please coordinate with your PT regarding your session. If you would like to inquire into physical therapy services, please contact us.

Anticipated End Date: The lockdown is expected to last through 6 PM, April 22, 2020. We will continue to keep the Output community up to date as immediate releases are published.


The Output community means the world to us, and we believe it means the same to each and every single member. We relate to each other. Friendships have been formed and strengthened through our community as a result of every individual’s effort to #bebetter. This undeniable fact creates unconditional confidence in our survival, evolution, and growth, and we humbly ask that you continue to support Output during this time as we aim to provide interim value that empowers progress and personal growth (see below).

During times like these, businesses (like individuals) will be challenged to withstand. Each passing day or week — under this lockdown — will create greater strain on businesses as they will continue to be responsible for supporting the obligations to their vendors and partners (e.g. cleaning, utilities, landlords, etc.) despite decreasing or non-existent (paused) revenue. The support of vendors is of significant economic importance because of cash flow principles. Times like these can be endured so long as cash flow stays healthy (either completely or enough so) to ensure vendors and their vendors and their vendors, etc. have enough to meet payroll (i.e. keep employees employed, food on the table, mortgages paid, etc.), pay their utilities and overhead and suppliers, etc. To take complexity and distill it down to simplicity, all businesses (and people) are directly and indirectly connected.


As mentioned, businesses will seek creativity to withstand and provide value (e.g. curbside pick-ups, porch drop-offs, virtual consulting, etc.). Output is going to get creative.

For paying members (excluding open gym), we will continue to provide support by:

  • Programming indoor and outdoor workouts
  • Making ourselves available to respond to texts, phone calls, and Facetime, especially relating to health and well-being as well as staying on track to meet your goals or jump back into your stride upon the lift of this lockdown
  • Proactively texting or coordinating phone calls or Facetime check-ins to ensure accountability as it pertains to nutrition and physical and mental health

For all members (including open gym members), we will create a private Facebook group for open communication, sharing of our #bebetter moments during this lockdown, and collaboration on resources to help guide our decision-making (nutrition, indoor workouts, etc.). Just because we’re mandated to stay indoors does not mean we’re entitled to start unhealthy habits.

For those who work with our physical therapy (PT) contractors, you will still be able to access Output Performance with your PT to get work done. Physical Therapy is considered an essential activity and is not subject to this lockdown.

For those who are not members and would like to be, you are more than welcome to start the conversation by reaching out to one of our coaches (right) or contact us by clicking here. From virtual coaching and programming to facilitating healthy activities, we would be more than happy to help you bridge this gap and prepare to jump back into the gym physically and mentally healthy and ready to go!


After reading the left, please start the conversation with your trainer (if we haven’t started it with you already) regarding next steps during this lockdown. Please see below for key contacts.

Stu Beath

  • Email:
  • Mobile Phone: 314-302-9071

CJ Jung

  • Email:
  • Mobile Phone: 314-757-7465

If your coach isn’t Stu or CJ, then you’re working with one of our terrific independent contractors. These team members are equally capable of providing significant value during this lockdown, so please work with them to support their business and families during this time.

If you need help connecting with your independent contractor, please reach out to Stu Beath (contact information above).


If you have questions regarding monthly billing, please email us at