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Keri Merkel

Director of Personal Training


  • NASM-Certified
  • ISSA-Certified
  • TRX Suspension Training Certified
  • TRX RIP Training Certified
  • Nutrition Specialist


  • General Fitness Training
  • Youth & Sports Performance
  • Senior Fitness
  • Women’s Fitness
  • MMA Conditioning
  • Behavior Change


Keri started in the fitness industry 12 years ago after a personal trainer saved her life. She was under extreme stress at work and in her personal life, and it had gotten to the point where she was having severe panic attacks and struggling with depression. At the advice of her doctor, she hired a personal trainer as an outlet to manage her stress and alleviate her depression through exercise. After three months of training two times a week with her trainer and another three days on her own, she not only felt physically stronger but more mentally fit. Her stress levels were manageable, and the panic attacks were gone! She believes it was the best investment she ever made. It was at this point that she decided she wanted to help people change their lives through exercise and nutrition. She quit her salaried job with benefits to start her journey as a personal trainer. To Keri, no feeling is better than helping someone achieve their fitness goals.


Now that you know a little more about Keri’s background, qualifications, and training specialties, contact her to schedule an appointment today! Experience the Output difference through experienced, certified, and knowledgeable trainers like Keri who can take you to your next level! Start living the #bebetter life!

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