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Fall Fitness Primer Program

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WHEN: September 21st – November 9th (7 Weeks)

SCHEDULE: Every Tuesday + Thursday @7PM

LOCATION: Output Performance

COST: $200 per athlete

MINIMUM: 15 Athletes Registered

This 7-week training program is designed to build foundational strength, cardiovascular health, and agility in field hockey athletes.

This EXCLUSIVE Primer Fitness Program is only offered to Aim Field Hockey athletes and consists of two 60-minute sessions per week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) from 6 PM to 7 PM. For more information about the programming timeline, please see the section below.


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Registration will conclude at 7 PM CST on Thursday, Sept. 22. Athletes who are not registered online by their parent/guardian are welcome to register in person with their parent/guardian.
All sessions will start on time and take the entire 60 minutes. Sessions are led by certified coaches including or managed by Team Training Director and USAPL co-chair, Jimmy Freeman. Each coach has a fitness certification and experienced in youth fitness training.
Athletes will receive individualized feedback throughout the program, and safety measures like proper warm-up and cool-down routines are standard in every session.
By the end of this tailored 7-week program, participants can expect significant improvements in their general fitness levels, including enhanced strength, speed, and cardiovascular health.
Week 1: introduction and initial fitness assessment to gauge the athletes' current physical condition.
Week 2: centers on agility and speed, incorporating ladder, and cone drills.
Week 3: aerobic exercises and interval training.
Week 4: strength training, using body weight and basic equipment.
Week 5: dedicated to flexibility and balance, employing yoga and dynamic stretching.
Week 6: concludes the program with a comprehensive review and final fitness assessment.
Week 7: camp wrap-up!


This program is led by Ryan Benson, Branch Director, and Jimmy Freeman, Director of Team Training and Programming. Between these two experienced, certified coaches (and others supporting them and this program), Output is proud to bring decades of combined experience in general fitness, sports performance, youth training, and more to Aim’s athletes. Furthermore, our facility is one of the area’s premier performance development centers for youth athletes!

Ryan Benson

Branch Director

Jimmy Freeman

Director Team Training & Online Programming