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AIM Fall Fitness Program

September – October

We’d LOVE your feedback! Our team would like to host a Primer Fitness Program (exclusive to AIM Field Hockey athletes) from September through October this year (inside Center St. Louis). This primer program will feature group workouts, fitness education, and nutritional coaching to give participants a head start heading into their winter season and workouts.

Potential benefits include but are not limited to improved strength and power output, injury prevention, cardiovascular improvements, development of good habits, and more… This period of time in these athletes’ lives represent a window of opportunity to develop. Let’s not waste any time. Let’s Be Better every day.

Timeframe: Sept. – Oct. / Schedule: TBD / Cost: $10 per athlete per session / Minimum Registrants: >30



Output is proud to serve as AIM’s fitness partner. Our organizations’ missions and values are aligned. Whenever we work with athletes – especially — we strive to make things fun (a love for the game, a love for fitness), develop the whole person (not just physical but mental as well), simulate healthy competition, apply knowledgeable coaches of integrity, and work diligently towards dynamic goals. This seamless alignment made it a no-brainer to work together to become more integrated and combine the amazing AIM field hockey framework with our approach to fitness and performance development.

Since 2017, our collective goal has been to support our clients and athletes to be the best version of themselves each day, to Be Better than he/she was the prior day.


“Primer” Fall Program (September – October):  A “primer” fitness program that would last about 6-8 weeks leading up to winter workouts. The goal of this program is to onramp athletes into fitness education/action, nutritional coaching, and habit building. This program will enable athletes to transition to the more intensive winter program seamlessly.

Winter “Build” Program (Mid-November – February):  This (PENDING) program will occur adjacent to AIM’s indoor workouts at the Center St. Louis over the winter. Meaning: as teams practice on the turf, they will rotate into the Output Performance facility for a 30-minute fitness training session catered to field hockey and rotate back out into the turf. Building fitness into the AIM practice regimen will support the following:

  1. Injury prevention
  2. Improved sport performance (in their role and in competition)
  3. Performance-based fitness routines combined with competition will yield a higher majority of standout athletes when it comes to college recruiting
  4. Healthy habits
  5. Mental health and more…

More information to come!


Output Performance is led by Ryan Benson, the Branch Director, and is supported by our Director of Personal Training, Keri Merkel, and Director of Team Training and Online Programming, Jimmy Freeman. With decades of combined experience in general fitness, sport performance, youth training, and more, we’re proud to say that our health and fitness leadership is unparalleled!

Ryan Benson

Branch Director

Jimmy Freeman

Director Team Training & Online Programming

Keri Merkel

Director of Personal Training


Please take a moment to complete our survey (right). This gives us an opportunity to gauge interest and determine if we can squeeze a fall fitness program in before we start winter workouts. If you have any fitness-related questions, please don’t hesitate to email Lauren Cornthwaite and cc! Thank you for your time.

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