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*1-on-1 sessions priced here.

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Address: 1429 Strassner Dr., Brentwood, MO 63144 | Staffed Hours: Mon. – Fri. 5:30 AM to 9 PM / Sat. 7:00 AM to Noon / Sun. Unstaffed | Phone Number: (314) 735-2595


Not ready to become an unlimited member? No worries! Come visit us and jump in to personal training sessions tailored towards your short-term and long-term goals! Please bear in mind that it won’t be as personalized as our unlimited membership, especially if it’s your first time.

Workout example: start with a functional warm-up then transition into a strength and/or power-based movement (e.g. squat) depending upon your capabilities and goals for the workout. Once work sets have been completed, additional exercises may be performed and/or we will jump into a metabolic conditioning session.

If this is your first session, please ensure you have 45-60 minutes to dedicate to this session.

Why Start? Why Stop?

Fitness is a challenging, fulfilling, and never-ending journey. Thankfully, there’s no “silver bullet” or “cure-all.” You simply need to start, put in the effort in the gym and out of the gym, and don’t stop. Those seeking an unrealistically quick and healthy result will not find it at Output (or anywhere else).

At Output, you will find that consistent hard/smart/coached work when combined with responsible lifestyle decisions lead to results. Start the fitness journey here because you can.

Regardless of the circumstance, most don’t warrant an end to your fitness goals. Although there are many excuses that may seem legitimate, there are still plenty of distractions (e.g. TV, excess work, video games, smartphones, etc.) that eat at the time anyone could have otherwise invested in their health. Don’t let distractions, excuses, or anyone serve as the cause to “stop.” Don’t stop. Break away from “busy” and accomplish something for you. Build momentum and a love for your fitness journey.

Why Output?

Although there are plenty of competitors here in St. Louis, Output Performance truly offers a unique training experience. Our facility is stocked with top-of-the-line equipment with high ceilings, open space, a turf strip, and more… The facility is ideal for athletes and general fitness enthusiasts (those just starting or those who have been exercising for years). We also adhere to a “what you see is what you get policy.” There are no hidden fees – just transparency.

The Community

Output’s community of members range from youth athletes learning the importance of training and fitness to seasoned powerlifters who have competed and medaled on some of the world’s most competitive stages.  The beauty of this is that experience is met with friendliness and compassion. Our team and the community that makes up Output has molded a competitive, challenging, results-driven environment without the intimidation.

The Facility

Output Performance features a facility with equipment not found in many local high schools – or colleges for that matter. We proudly feature over 10,000 lbs. of plates, 3 deadlift/oly platforms, 3 ER racks, a 24′ x 6′ rig, 3 power racks, an 80-ft. x 12-ft. turf strip, and much more – perfect for team training sessions!