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Group Fitness Training in St. Louis

Output Performance was designed and is operated by former collegiate athletes with extensive backgrounds in exercise science, team coaching, and athlete development/management.

Over the years, our head performance coaches have built a reputation working diligently with team coaches to either prepare their athletes for the upcoming season or maintain health throughout each month of the regular season.

This service is the true foundation on which Output Performance was built. Not long ago, the Output team’s goal was to create a vision of the ideal facility (i.e. our “Division 1” weight room) to properly prepare athletes (at any reasonable age level) for the next step (i.e. youth to high school, high school to college, college to professional). We accomplished this vision by designing behind and equipping for versatility (strength, power, speed, endurance) and team participation.

We couldn’t be anymore confident that our experienced team training programs combined with our Division 1 facility will drive athletic development across any team’s roster, especially those athletes who apply themselves to our philosophy, “Be Better.”

Team Training Workouts

Although it’s impossible to account for each individual’s needs during any particular team training session, it is possible to build and/or reinforce the fitness foundation of each athlete. This is accomplished by recognizing the athletic capabilities of the team (typically coinciding with the age) as a whole, defining the top-level goal of the macrocycle and attacking short-term goals through specific training protocols. This approach will prepare your team for the upcoming season and/or maintain their health through their regular season. Lastly, throughout this process our team serves as an experienced resource as former successful collegiate athletes, programmers, and lifestyle coaches.

Experienced Coaching

Experienced, down-to-earth, honest, and intelligent coaching is what drives the Output approach to team training. Our head performance coaches were athletes who worked through youth, high school, and collegiate hockey and baseball. They have been there and know the formula for driving results.

Challenging Programming

Output’s approach to programming for teams is thorough and personalized to the athletic capabilities of the group being trained. Our coaches will work with you to identify team training goals, document progress, and hold each member of your team accountable for participating and engaging with their program.

A Division 1 Facility

Output Performance features a facility with equipment not found in many local high schools – or colleges for that matter. We proudly feature over 10,000 lbs. of plates, 3 deadlift/oly platforms, 3 ER racks, a 24′ x 6′ rig, 3 power racks, an 80-ft. x 12-ft. turf strip, and much more – perfect for team training sessions!